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Sober Thoughts (shot of vodka)

by Kayleb

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Shot of vodka (2x)
Drown my pain away
Shot of vodka (2x)
i don't want to feel this way
even if it's just for awhile
help me forget my situations
i swear i'll feel amazing
Shot of vodka (2x)
I've been pouring all day

shot of vodka, shot of vodka
tell them keep em coming
i plan on drinking my sorrows away til i got no worries
i just lost my job
and my girl just told me
said she found out she pregnant
i told her bitch don't call me
like is it my
swear im tripping
been contemplating
baby please forgive me
can't you tell I'm stressing
they tell me boy you need to realize and count your blessing
cause some people wish they could have what you dissing
real nigga shit
spoken from the heart
i got rent due
i just lost the car
couldn't pay the bills so they reposed it
now they want us out the house
shit is tearing me apart


I know we all got stories, that some can relate to
shot of vodka got me out my head
so ima tell few
what could've been self defense, turn to attempted murder
judge gave my brother 14 years
and dude tried to rob him
its a fucked up world
and we living in it
its a white world
and i hate to say this
but we living in it
so we got to accept it
man that shot of vodka make you tell all your secrets
preach it

yeah yeah yeah

shot of vodka make me feel numb
drink it up til its all gone
shot of vodka keep it coming yeah yeah
shot of vodka ,shot of vodka yeah


released September 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Kayleb Atlanta, Georgia

Initially embraced as a songwriter for his creativity and ability to write in different genres, Kayleb steadily morphed himself into a recording artist starting in 2006. The Virginia Bred artist debuted in 2011 as a member of a group called the Loud Boyz and released an Ep entitled "I Know You See Me" With hit after hit, this artist will blow you away with his talent ... more

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